Screw Dosers

screw dosers

Dosing station SU 200

Screw Dosers at Amboss+Langbein & Reynold India

The screw dosers at Amboss+Langbein are ideal for volumetric dosing of free flowing and difficult non-free flowing particles, whether granular, powder or in mixed form. Dosing is controlled by throughput or weight. A downstream free-fall mixer ensures uniform blending of inputs. One free-fall mixer can process up to four feed chambers. Blending is visually monitored. Product conversion is accomplished by simply pulling the metering screw – clean and effortless.

2-4 Feed Chamber Dosing Unit


  • Volumetric dosing of granules and powder
  • Blending by free-fall mixer
  • Controlled by weight or machine throughput
  • Suitable for powders and difficult non-free flowable materials
  • Applications: Injection moulding, metering of regrind


  • Maximum throughput: 300 kg/h per feed chamber
  • Dimensions (W×D×H): 1,300 × 300 × 1,200 mm