Chillers and equipments are inspected and tested in our latest Performance Analysing Laboratory to inspect different parameters, like capacity output, power consumption, performance, COP, electrical load fluctuations and other heat load conditions.

The equipments undergo intense testing to monitor their operating parameters on a real time basis, under controlled conditions. Chillers are tested within the actual design ambient condition and parameters in a climatic chamber in the testing area complying with the international standards.

Atmospheric test is carried out in the atmospheric test chamber using the specific software to analyze the Chiller software, micro control system and the performance. A special rain test is conducted to check the atmospheric endurance of the machines.

Radiography Testing & Ultrasonic Testing are carried out in the Dark-room facility as per the approved standards of various agencies like BARC. Dye Penetration, Radiography, Ultrasonic and Magnetic Particle Inspection tests are carried out as a part of Non-destructive testing.

Pneumatic, hydrostatic, paint coating thickness, sand blasting check, vibration test, noise level test etc. are carried out to ascertain the mechanical durability, strength and operational convenience of the machines. Insulation resistance and high-voltage tests are carried out as a part of Electrical tests.

The tests are carried out in presence of the clients as well as certifying bodies for accreditations and approvals.