VRU Vapor Recovery Unit

VRU Vapor Recovery Unit

VRU Vapor Recovery Unit, often known as VRUs, help remove and collect undesired or extra vapors from storage tanks that hold crude oil or distillate. The people who run these units can follow the rules about emissions while also getting valuable hydrocarbon gas out of the ground. After the vapors have been retrieved, they can be utilized as fuel or to generate money, which would have been impossible if the VRU had not been there.

Vent gas recovery from crude oil and distillate tanks at storage facilities may be accomplished using a vapor recovery system for storage tanks. VRUs can collect low-pressure vapors from several low-pressure systems, increase their pressure to the right level for the main compressors, or use the increased pressure to burn fuel. This capability is useful for natural gas-producing wells and installations.

Vapor Recovery Units have a mechanical drive system. They may be powered by either an electric motor or a gas engine, depending on the power or energy source that is readily accessible. The unit functions in a manner that is similar to that of other compression systems that are based on the ideal gas law. There is a wide variety of oil and gas facilities and plants that can use VRU systems, and for this reason, various types are accessible.

The Real Strength of Virtual Revenue Units, as well as the Benefits of VRUs, Which Include Cost Savings and New Revenue Streams

Vapor Recovery Units can collect vapors that have been released from oil, condensate storage gas, or low-volume gas produced by two oil separators working under low pressure. The recovered vapors may then be used to create fuel gas, which can be transported to the pipeline or consumed in the facilities. The vapor can be employed as a source of income or a means of reducing costs associated with the usage of fuel gas.

The Emission Control Vapor Recovery Unit collects hydrocarbon vapors, otherwise discharged out of the system. Compared to traditional storage tanks and other comparable vapor solutions, VRUs enable operators to achieve a reduction in emissions that is 95% greater.

  • Reduce Fire Hazard
  • If tank vapor isn't collected, there will be a high concentration of methane, which increases the risk of an explosion. But the fire risk can be reduced by collecting the flammable vapors from the tank.

  • Reduce the Health and Safety Exposures
  • It is essential to ensure that the health of those working in the region and their surroundings, are protected. VRU Vapor Recovery Units make it possible for operators to lower their HSE risk. VRUs may be used to gather flammable and carcinogenic gases, both of which can cause major problems for one's health.