Chairman's Message

The starting of Reynold India was like beginning from a scrape. We knew that it would take time to make a name in the industry. Multiples times' we faced obstacles that come our way to make our company viable to all users. We didn't focus on earnings and revenue generation in the first couple of years. Our goal and objective were to provide premier quality chillers to the industries so that they could work smoothly.

We sense strength and reliability when we have achieved the top-performing company reputation in chiller manufacturing in the past couple of years. 

Our tremendous accomplishments in recent years have aided our development in the international market. Without the contribution and collaboration of all of our workers, we would not have been capable of achieving this level of growth and prosperity.

Mr. Susanta Rakshit


Susanta Rakshit is a man behind the formation of the world's most oversized chiller manufacturing company, Reynold India. He is an IITian and Graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Varanasi with B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. Being a technological person, he always wanted to do something innovative and revolutionary. The journey of Reynold India was not a cakewalk because there was rigorous involvement of efforts, inventions, discussions, modern mechanisms and all that. Handling all these perspectives of business was a brainstorming period. However, with the evolution over time, businesses and customers demand globally. He always works with a team and always has a perception that even a single ray of hope and innovation can change the whole scenario of life.

Management Team

The management team of Reynold India came together with a common motive to serve humanity. The team is keen to discover new possibilities and is always eager to adopt innovative approaches.  

Reynold India has an exceptional and veteran team that has collaborated to provide the optimum quality products to their clients. Our crew continuously searches new opportunities and always uses contemporary strategy to grow as an organization. 

Mrs. Suhena Rakshit Gupta (Director)

Double honors International Business Management from University of Wolverhampton Business School ( United Kingdom )

Mrs Suhena Rakshit Gupta is the Director of Reynold India. She has done Double honors in International Business Management from the University of Wolverhampton Business School (United Kingdom). She is enthusiastic and the biggest motivator of the company. Her marketing approach, business technology, and supply chain management have led Reynold India to become one of the leading chiller manufacturing brands. She has contributed a lot to making this brand acceptable in the international market. With her consistent endeavor and research, the company has embarked on its stature in the global market.

Ms. Vanika Rakshit (Director)

B.Tech Mechatronics from Manipal Institute of Technology & Master of Science in Industrial and Systems engineering from University of Michigan (USA)

Vanika Rakshit is a young brigade in Reynold management. She has completed her B.Tech Mechatronics from Manipal Institute of Technology & Master of Science in Industrial and Systems engineering from the University of Michigan the USA. Her new ideas and deep analytical understanding of technology have brought immense advantages to Reynold India's growth. She gives her significant views, makes strategies and also recommends a method of improving product quality and work efficiency from time to time.