Chiller for Multi-Layer

Industrial Chiller for Multi-Layer

Advanced and modernized Heavy Duty 10W Industrial Water Chiller with Multi-Layer Circuit Control manufactured by Reynold India is available for industrial and commercial use.

As far as thermoforming is concerned, it is a manufacturing procedure in which a polymer sheet is warmed up to adjustable temperature to a particular figure in a mold and cropped down to make working goods. When mentioning narrow measurement and specific product type, the sheet is warmed up in a thermostat to a mounting temperature to extend it into a mold and chilled to finished form.
Reynold India has manufactured excellent Chiller for Thermoforming, which varies from blow molding, injection molding, revolving molding, and other alternative plastic processing.Moreover, along with thermoforming chiller, we also have expertise in manufacturing Hips Sheet line Chiller for industrial use.

Prominent features

  • The multilateral circuit control framework
  • Top efficiency green shade wooden box packing water chiller
  • Single slice accuracy communication framework
  • Save high raising power bills