Water Cooled Screw Chillers for Plastic Industry

Water Cooled Screw Chillers For Plastic Industry

This is a new series of compressor called CSVH series with inbuilt inverter, permanent magnet motor in bigger motors , integrated 3 step oil separator, automatic 2 step VI slider, integrated check valve, oil filter, inbuilt MODBUS Communication and excellent part load efficiency which improved efficiency from 5% to 72% compared to a standard screw compressor.

Prominent features

An External VFD based screw Chiller can only change the speed of the Screw Compressor from 40 Hz to 60 Hz, that means from 2200 RPM to 3500 RPM, while this Inverter based Variable Speed Chiller can change the speed from 1750 RPM to 8000 RPM. Therefore better control over sped and hence more saving in power at part load and lower load.

Why a Standard Screw Chiller with external VFD cannot be used at lower Speed? Like a Inverter based Variable Speed Chiller – This is because of Oil. Since there is no oil pump, at lower speed, an External VFD based Chiller cannot bring back the oil at lower levels, while the Inverter based Variable Speed Chiller has an Intelligent software and monitoring system, which monitors the oil level and speeds up the compressor as and when required automatically to keep the system healthy and running. Some Motors in Inverter based Variable Speed Chiller are Permanent Magnet motors in place of Standard Asynchronous motor, which has excellent part load efficiency