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Sectional Dehumidifying Dryers

Sectional Dehumidifying Dryers
Sectional dryer H 150 with 6 sectional vessels @ 50 l

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Sectional Drynig Sysyems adapt to your production

Energy-efficient sectional dryers at Amboss+Langbein can be used for stationary or mobile drying applications. Using our modular system, the dryer system is custom built to meet operational requirements and can be erected in very tight space-restricted areas. The dryers are dewpoint-monitored and equipped with energy- efficient heat exchangers. The air flow rate is regulated depending on production needs from 140 to 1200 m/h by the systems controller. Each dryer vessel operates on an individual temperature control. Individualised material monitoring prevents over-drying and insufficient drying due to excessive material.


  • Fully insulated drying containers made of V2A stainless steel
  • Drying area with throughput rates 1 kg/h - 750 kg/h
  • Sectional multi-vessel system
  • Each drying vessel equipped with individual temperature control
  • Continuous drying
  • Automatic measurement of air-flow
  • Patented throughput monitoring and customised drying
  • Prevents overloading and over-drying
  • Dewpoint-monitored (- 60 C tested)
  • System-wide air flow control
  • Batch drying
  • Energy-efficient heat exchanger Ultra-dry compressed air for electronic component manufacture
  • Dry air unit, version
  • Dry air flow rate (m/l)
  • Standard sectional vessel sizes (l)

Sectional Dehumidifying Dryer


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