Atex Certified Hazardous Area Chillers & Air Conditioners

1. 3KW ATEX chillers

ATEX Chiller Units, are designed and constructed for use in explosive atmospheres (Zone 1, Zone 2) within the oil and gas, marine and petrochemical industries. All of our products are manufactured using an ISO 9001 accredited quality management system, high quality, industry leading components and if required then casing can be in stainless steel 316L to provide our clients with a high quality, corrosion resistant, safe and reliable product with a long service life. These ATEX compliant units are primarily designed to be integrated into various types of cooling systems or applications with simple interface and hook-up. Efficiency, reliability, and safety are some of the key design criteria of our ATEX Chiller Units. Water/fluid temperature is regulated automatically between the temperatures of +20oC to +28oC (3kW only) which will be pre-set to the user's requirement. The unit features an upper condenser section, with all other components enclosed within the lower compartment for added weather protection and noise reduction. Using multiple protection concepts, these chiller units have been designed with the user's safety in mind adhering to all required ATEX, ASME, NEMA and IECex Machinery directives and standards. Controls are designed for ease of operation, without the need for complicated programming, whilst still maintaining reliable and efficient automated control of fluid temperature. The chiller is supplied as a packaged unit, fully tested, and charged with refrigerant eliminating the need for specialist refrigeration skills during installation.

Prominent Features

  • a. ATEX certified chillers, with UL / CSA / IECEx certifications, available.
  • b. Designed for hazardous area classifications Zone-1 & Zone-2 .
  • c. Explosion proof designs for gas groups IIA,IIB and IIC Using smart transmitters with all signal and control cables as per hazardous area classifications.
  • d. NEMA Standard enclosures for electrical control, junction boxes and motors.
  • e. Special metallurgy equipment and accessories as per hazardous area classifications.
  • f. Skid mounted designs,upto 1800TR nominal capacities.
  • g. Microprocessor controlled with remote monitoring and data logging.
  • Customized turnkey jobs handled.

Explosion Proof Air Conditioners for Hazardous Areas

ATEX Certified - Industrial Process Chiller

Explosion proof Air conditioners are essential in hazardous areas in petrochemical installations such as offshore platforms for the oil and gas industry. Our explosion proof heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are designed by our skilled engineers and offer a safe solution of the highest level of quality. These systems are durable and reliable, and they are corrosion protected, designed to withstand the harsh environment in which offshore platforms are located.

These air conditioners have Explosion-Proof Electrical Equipment for use in Hazardous (classified) Locations Zone 1 & 2 and designed for purged and non-purged enclosure systems, also Class I, Division 2, Groups B, C, and D for hazardous location applications.

These units are housed in a 316 stainless steel cabinet and are available in various capacities from 18000 BTU/Hr to 120,000 BTU/Hr capacity.

Typically, other manufacturers of ATEX & IECEX enclosure cooling systems send their standard air conditioners to be converted for hazardous location applications. However, the companies that do the conversion may have to make changes that can affect the efficiency of the original unit. Often, components are substituted or added that may influence the cooling capacity or useful life of the original system. While we manufacture the entire unit as per the customer's specifications only and are not modified units.

Prominent features

  • A. Indirect Cooling of Accommodation Modules.
  • B. Local Equipment Rooms (LER) Modules.
  • C. Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCR) Modules.
  • D. Variable speed Drive (VSR) Modules.
  • E. Transformer Rooms.
  • F. Galley Cooling.


  • a. These can be custom-built to your requirements.
  • b. These air conditioners can be third party certified by TUV/LR/others for ATEX certification.