Industrial Water Chillers In UAE

Install a high-quality and Advanced Water Chiller in UAE

Reynolds India provides a selection of water chillers suitable for various businesses. Treated water temperature is transported to a different water supply, such as a cooling system, stream, reservoir, etc. Water Chillers for Hydrogen Filling, and Reynold India Pvt. Ltd. employing water chillers in the UAE and liquid conditioning cooling Towers. Best Water chillers are suitable for bigger applications in which heat generation occurs generally.

If a refrigeration system has been present or the client requires the highest power consumption, water chillers are also considered. The cooling coil needs to be treated before constructing the best water chiller in UAE to get rid of chemical accumulation. Inaccurate thermal transfer conditions caused by mineral upsurge lower the unit's performance.

The chiller and the pumping or motors in this setup will normally have independent regulators with electrical cables for every element. In an idealistic situation, the controllers would be linked so that the chiller wouldn't start chilling till the rotating motor was switched on. Reynolds India provided products in water chillers dimensions varying from 2 metric tonnes to even more than 200 tonnes as typical options.

A water chiller is an ideal installation in industries that ensures heating and cooling, manifold area regulation, or a spectrum of specified temperature. Moreover, operations wherein sources of water are not easily obtainable, labs, and chemical plants are all excellent fits for water chillers.

Features of our Water Chiller in UAE

  • The temperature regulation of our water chiller ranges from 5 to 600°F (-15 to 315°C)
  • Our water chillers have a robust design, and we also provide customized water chillers as per industry application requirements.
  • Our water chillers in UAE are accessible with 2 to 40-ton chilling capability.
  • The advantages and characteristics of both items are merged into a small, self-supporting device when the temperature of the water management system and a chiller are used.
  • The structure and body of the chiller system are non-corrosive and made up of premium metal components.
  • Our water chillers are designed to follow electrical protection protocols.