Large-scale dryer at amboss + Langbein

Large-scale dryer E 200 | Large-scale dryer D 2x200 (vessel size 1x 1200 l or 2x 1200 l)

Economical large-scale dryers in a modular system

Amboss+Langbein large-scale dryers are available in the E series with single vessels or in the D series with double vessels. The dryer system is custom built to meet operational requirements and can be erected in very tight space-restricted areas. Dryers are dewpoint-monitored and equipped with energy-efficient heat exchangers. Individualised material monitoring prevents system overload from excessive material intake as well as plastics over-drying.

Device type E 7o eco S E100 E200 E400
Vessel sizes litres 400 600 1,000 4,000
Connection (kW) 6 12 18 28
Consumption at 8o *C (kW/h) 2 6 8 10