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Plastics Auxiliary

Gas Liquefaction Chillers

Hopper Loaders Z-F series

Made of V2A (stainless steel) Suitable for clean rooms Filterless With filter, suitable for all requirements Self-configuring Storage unit: 0.2 kg to 20 kg on the machine For trickling, free-flowing granular materials

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Volumetric Dosing Units

Our “Mischboy” dosing units include the 500 series, the Mischboy DOAL and the MB SG 1. All volumetric fillers at Amboss+Langbein are designed for ultrafine-tuned metering of granular additives. The dosage can range from one granule up to about 20 kg/h. Theoperator has constant visual control of the process underway. All fillers are distinguished by their ease of cleaning and ability to switch from “black to white” within one minute without need for tools and without mess. We provide constant qualitative monitoring of the dosing process, with production stop in the event of dosing failure registered by external alarm.

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Screw Dosers

Reynold and Amboss+Langbein The screw dosers at Amboss+Langbein are ideal for volumetric dosing of free flowing and difficult non-free flowing particles, whether granular, powder or in mixed form. Dosing is controlled by throughput or weight. A downstream free-fall mixer ensures uniform blending of inputs. One free-fall mixer can process up to four feed chambers. Blending is visually monitored. Product conversion is accomplished by simply pulling the metering screw – clean and effortless.

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Medical Equipment Chillers

Dehumidifying Dryers

Reynold and Amboss+Langbein dehumidifying-dryers are available in the E series with single vessels or in the D series with double vessels. The dryer system is custom built to meet operational requirements and can be erected in very tight space-restricted areas. Dryers are dewpoint-monitored and equipped with energy-efficient heat exchangers. Individualised material monitoring prevents system overload from excessive material intake as well as plastics over-drying.

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Hopper dryer TD Series

Hopper dryer TD Series

Reynold The hopper-type dehumidifying dryer can be used for drying small volumes directly on the production machines.

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