On the safe side

With the conveyance systems at Amboss+Langbein, hopper loaders are filled according to the “First in, First out” principle. Amboss+Langbein guarantees a transport capacity of c. 200 metres. The material throughput can reach up to 1.5 tonnes per hour. A dual bus cable design results in high operational reliability for the Amboss+Langbein hopper loaders. Our central system allows up to four vacuum circuits to be managed automatically, with capacity for up to 120 separators to connected to the system. An emergency motor design ensures trouble-free operation even in case of vacuum generator failure.

The idling and material intake times of the hopper can be freely adjusted. The material can be selected for coded intake, making “improper” material intake due to incorrect coupling to the material station no longer possible. A visual and audible alarm ensures safety. The systems are equipped for self-optimizing material refill.