Methanol Chillers

Methanol Chillers

Methanol Chillers are designed for using methanol water as the cooling media, in place of glycol or brine up to low temperatures of up to Minus 30 deg. C (evap. temp.).

Methanol being flammable, the system should be flameproof, or alternately the evaporator and the machine are made in two separator skids, with the refrigeration skid being installed in the safe area.
The evaporator is installed remotely in a separate skid, and all the instruments on this skid is of flameproof design.

Prominent Features

We guarantee the quality of the product as we abide by the highest quality maintained as per the industry standards

  • Custom Designed Methanol Chillers
  • Ref System for Temp Up to -40 oC
  • Eco-friendly Refrigerants.
  • Compressor - Open / Semi hermetic, Reciprocating/ Screw
  • Communication Protocol - Compatible with BMS / Modbus RS485 / Modbus TCP/IP / Profibus / Profinet / Ethernet are available.
  • PLC & Control Redundant Feature are available. • Process Specific Alteration Easily Possible.
  • Flame-Proof / intrinsically safe components for Electricals and Instruments are optional.
  • High technology System Control including all control & safety interlocks.
  • Maintenance Friendly.
  • Repairable / Replaceable Components
  • Maintenance Training to customers.
  • Comprehensive Technical, O&M Manuals
  • Electrical & Instrument Components Certification : IEC Ex / ATEX / NEMA / CCOE / CMRI