Dehumidifying Dryers

Dehumidifying Dryers
Dehumidifying Dryers D 2x200 (vessel size 1x 1200 l or 2x 1200 l)
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Economical Dehumidifying Dryers in Modular System

Reynold and Amboss+Langbein Dehumidifying Dryers are available in the E series with single vessels or in the D series with double vessels. The dryer system is custom built to meet operational requirements and can be erected in very tight space-restricted areas. Dryers are dewpoint-monitored and equipped with energy-efficient heat exchangers. Individualised material monitoring prevents system overload from excessive material intake as well as plastics over-drying. The PET Resin Dehumidifying Dryer is ideal to use for the plastic product inspection post-molding process.


  • All material-contact parts made of V2A stainless steel
  • Gentle material drying
  • Ultra heat insulated V2A stainless steel cleaning access point
  • Sample and test drying online during normal production
  • Full control and complete documentation of drying parameters
  • Job- and batch-specific drying
  • Drying capacity can be expanded
  • Patented cleaning system
  • Integrated machine fill using dry air
  • 1 to 4 times the material discharge

Technical Specification

  • Capacity: upto 1200 m3/hr
  • PLC with touch screen display
  • Machine output based air flow control
  • Dewpoint: approx. - 60 °C