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Woven Bag Chiller Manufacturer

PP(Polypropylene) woven bags are one of the thermoplastic carriers with a fine stretching feature. These PP bags are often utilized extensively in the beverage, food packaging, and industrial sector. While preparing such bags, it is necessary to maintain the ideal temperature so that the bags manufacturing doesn’t collapse. Reynold India has been working in manufacturing chiller for PP woven bags. We are the foremost PP Woven Bag Chiller Manufacturer in India.

The temperature-compressed concrete is important for all types of construction projects. The enhancement of solidarity in concrete goes together with heat progression as the cement treats and strengthens. The heat hydration increases the temperature at the curing procedure by up to 25°C that leads to the enhancement of volume. Post the curing, the concrete temperature goes down and decreases its amount, hence organically leading to cracks ultimately. Concrete is cooled down through a cement or Block Bottom Bag Chiller Manufacturer. Reynold India is the biggest Cement Bag Chiller Manufacturer in India.

Reynold India chillers are extremely capable of utilizing 3-4 phase cooling, warm depth galvanized evaporative condensers, refrigerant, stainless steel heat convertor, and sheet board, and minimum 2 compressors. Every water and air chiller is incorporated with an additional pump for rotating the cold water into the tank by chillers after the tank gets full.

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provides a comprehensive and seamlessly temperature-controlled water tank specifically well-matched for chiller support and ice storage. As a principal Leno Bag Chiller Manufacturer in India, we understand industrial needs and manufacture chillers as per needs.