Oil Pouch Packing Chillers

Oil Pouch Packing Chillers

Reynold India is an experienced and chiller manufacturer in India. Our business is not restricted within the country. We are also one of the largest chiller suppliers to almost 60 countries in the world. We are influential in furnishing dappled of the consumers by obtaining numerous engineered oil pouch packing chillers.

The chiller manufacturer for pouch packing designed with superlative machinery and automated water packing chiller machine. Our chillers are extensively required in different sectors. Industry and end users admire our oil pouch packing chiller for its low maintenance and spectacular performance

Features of Reynold Indias Oil Packing Chillers:

  • The chillers are configured with latest designed compressor and coolant mechanism
  • Coolant container assimilate motoring transmission air duct with automated melting operation
  • Easy to regulate temperature and perfect metering device
  • The Chiller is environmental friendly and convenient to use

Sole Making Chillers

We also manufacture sole making chillers and you can see configuration and features of our shoe moulding chillers

Sole Making Chillers Features:

  • The show making chiller take up latest mechanism and modernized components and compressors.
  • The transmission strap is made from exclusive substances extracted with refrigerating control equipment. It can increase stabilization speed and estimation of watery glue to make sure precise amalgamation and native shapes after releasing moulding process
  • Dual edge focused heat resistance substance utilized in the shield has correct heat maintained operation and it can save power consumption
  • The strengthening refrigeration mechanism and elevated alternation pace air circulation process will end up to -20 Deg C immediately. Our sole making chillers help in manufacturing diver sizes to assimilate particular needs of users.

Pet Blow moulding Chiller

  • PET Blow moulding chiller manufactured by Reynold India has capability to cool down blowing mold to perk up gentle accomplishment of plastic material. Eventual PET blow moulding chiller eliminate interior tension, conform quicker mold open close operation to fewer resistance.
  • Features of our Pet Blow Molding Chiller

    • It is configured with import cylinder compressor and brilliant cooling and durable lifecycle.
    • Smartly developed and affordable machinery make sure low energy consumption.
    • Innovative pool manufactured of stainless steel, easy to clean and maintenance.
    • The temperature regulation or microprocessor administration system can set temperature ranging from 5C to 35C.