Rubber Moulding Chiller

Rubber Moulding Chiller

Reynold India is one of the prevailing chiller manufacturers in India, and we have achieved excellence in this specific industry. We have an advanced mechanism in manufacturing a Rubber Moulding chiller that is usually utilized in many industries. Rubber and rubber-based equipment are not easy to mold. The vulnerable rubber particles moulding is a sweating task, and it needs a perfect combination of appropriate temperature and coolant. We make sure that the standard temperature and refrigerant effect doesn’t lead to quality comprise of the end product.

Chiller for the Rubber Industry

Reynold India produces a chiller unit that comprises air and water-cooled chillers for the rubber industry. Rubber chillers are utilized to chill the multi-area water temperature of the control unit of Banbury mixers, rubber mill, rubber extruder barrel, etc.

What Are the Advantages of Chiller for Sole moulding/ Shoe Moulding Chiller?

  • Easy in managing and operating
  • Tailored equipment with elevated efficacy scroll compressor
  • Easy uninstallation for service
  • Unmatched functional effectiveness
  • Double cooling circuits
  • Exceptional safety protection

More about Chiller for Blow Moulding

The bottled beverage sector is extensively dependent on blow moulding. The launching of bottled water in the early 90s has now established a necessity in households. You should know about the parison process. A 2-liter cold drink and soda bottle need a manufactured part known as a parison. The parison is generally dragged out through a plastic injection mold put extremely near the blow moulding device. The structure of earnest parison is similar to a plastic test tube with manufactured strands and a neckline for the lid underneath.

Prior to the parison get refrigerated, a muffled rod is inserted into its mid-point and forced forward to the upper side of the mold, extending out the hot plastic manufacture as it proceeds. The squeezed air is then extruded to the corner of the mold because widening is conducted consistently, and plastic stays back to slim and solid. The soda flask takes up the mold shape and splashes out of the blow moulding unit as the 2 mold splits detached. A new parison is forced out, and the whole blow moulding procedure repeats. The real production of a soda bottle consumes a couple of seconds.

Our Pet Blow Moulding Chiller is adequate, but we should also perform precautions before using it. The excessive use of air-cooled chillers and incorrect utilization can lead to discrepancies in blow moulding machines. The machine has in-built numerous safeguarding equipment, including compressor overload safeguarding, phase loss protection machinery, high/low safeguarding machinery, water scarcity automated alert machine, ice-resistance/low-temperature equipment, etc., to make sure the chiller function secure and steady.

Thus Reynold India has embarked on a top spot in manufacturing world-class rubber moulding chillers for various industries dealing in rubber, shoes, blow, and many more.