Auxiliary for Chillers

Auxiliary for Chillers

Reynold India is one of the prevailing chiller manufacturers in India, and we have achieved excellence in this specific industry. We have an advanced mechanism in manufacturing a Rubber Moulding chiller that is usually utilized in many industries. Rubber and rubber-based equipment are not easy to mold. The vulnerable rubber particles moulding is a sweating task, and it needs a perfect combination of appropriate temperature and coolant. We make sure that the standard temperature and refrigerant effect doesn’t lead to quality comprise of the end product.

Chiller for the Auxiliary Products

The most common way of permanently joining metal corridor where heat is applied to permanently fuse pieces of stuff together. For some pieces of welding equipment, heat needs to be removed from the welding heat to maintain the integrity of parts of the head.

Plastic extrusion processes require chilled water to function correctly for cooling system. Extruding companies or Lamination Plant have been turning and high efficient, Reynold Chiller systems to cool their processes. Whaley Products has the ability to produce modular chillers, packaged chillers

Prominent features

  • The multilateral circuit control framework
  • Top efficiency green shade wooden box packing water chiller
  • Single slice accuracy communication framework
  • Save high raising power bills