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Industrial Air-cooled chillers

While there are many types, capacities, and sustainable refrigerant options for air cooled chillers here at Reynold, India, we have been engineering and building them since 1995. We offer a tailored approach to fit any application, with easy maintenance suited to almost every business type.

Reynold India has been engineering and building air cooled chillers for over 30 years. Whatever your ice production needs, we can customize them for you and offer a customized perspective to suit any purpose. Commercial and Industrial fraternity rely on Reynold India Air-cooled chillers designed to operate competently, provide tremendous outputs, and save energy. The variety of these products makes them perfect for various usages-such as cooling your home during the summer or coolant systems in industrial factories.

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Being a foremost Air-cooled chillers Manufacturer in India, our goal is to meet your specific cooling needs, and our air-cooled chiller uses advanced technology that includes:-

air-cooled chillers

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Features of Reynold India Air Cooled Chiller

Our air-cooled chillers are used in many industrial and commercial plants. Various industrial enterprises Buy Air-cooled chillers from Reynold, India. Here are some of our air cooled chiller features:


Obtaining effective function right from all atmospheric cooling pressure, temperature, and environment


State-of-the-art technology has +built an internationally acclaimed HVAC spare part and service platform.

Customized and Flexible

Customize chiller to work according to your business aspirations

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