Air Chiller

Air Chillers

Reynold Air Chillers are VFD based, designed for precise temperature and flow of chilled air, for specific applications like plastic blown film plants etc. The Industrial chillers are highly energy efficient by upto 50%, in comparison to the traditional air cooling systems using water cooled chillers in tandem with the air exchangers. Since the ambient temperature and RH varies continuously, the Industrial Process chiller is designed to operate within the desirable temperature range, with automatic capacity control from 40% to 110%.

Prominent Features

  • Reliable and energy efficient hermetic and semi- hermetic compressors of European origin
  • Environment friendly refrigerant R-407C/ R-410A/ R- 134a,available
  • Designed for precise air outlet temperature range, upto 48oC ambient temperature and 90% RH
  • Energy saving of upto 50%, in comparison to the traditional indirect air cooling systems
  • VFD based design for better temperature control and higher efficiency, available
  • Compact design with less footprint area and lower maintenance cost
  • Separate and individual refrigeration circuits with each compressor
  • Electronic expansion valves for larger capacities, for energy efficiency and precise temperature control
  • Fully automatic PLC based units with remote operation and data logging facilities,available