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Hopper Dryer

Low volume dryer at Amboss+ Langbein & Reynold India

The hopper-type dehumidifying dryer can be used for drying small volumes directly on the production machines.

Polymer is a basic substance in manufacturing plastic products. Plastic manufacturing involves polymer heat drying to make the end product with standardized quality. A hot dryer is enough to eliminate surface dew from non-hygroscopic resins. Polymer Hot Air Dryer from Reynold India contains a furnace blower component above the drying hopper and regulates the HB. The heater/blower unit draws in heated atmospheric air through a filter. With the help of a dryer, it is easy to control temperature up to 350˚F. The heater/blower above on the drying hopper and warm air circulates via substance in the hopper, bringing surface dampness up and flush out of the above hopper. You can raise the control of the heater/blower on the hopper position or surrounding wall.


Technichal Specification:

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