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Automation and Conveying System Controls are designed and built by Reynold India Pvt. Ltd., which also sets up the mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, and software parts. Depending on the facility’s needs, conveyor controls can range from a single motor to a complex system with an HMI touch screen, a line mimic, and a bar code system.

The control panel for the conveyor will be tailor-made to fit the system. PLCs from Siemens S7 and Rockwell Allen Bradley is usually used, but if a customer has special needs, we will use PLCs from other top manufacturers.

The piping and cable routing around the conveyor control system will be done to a high standard, so the system looks clean. Conveyor Controls can be fully labelled, and we will always do what the customer wants if they need us.

Our software for distributing products can track how they get from where they are to where they need to be. This lets you save money and move things quickly through your factory. Machines won’t need to be fed by hand because they will always have work. This makes machines work better and makes it cheaper to make things. You can set conveyors to stop and start on their own and manage product lines. If a machine isn’t working because it needs to be fixed, there may be ways to get goods to other places. Our system can talk to systems that run machines and systems that read barcodes.

We often have to work around other machines, and we can stop machines further down the line to let the line control all machines. By using remote access to the PLC and barcode system, we can make small software changes and help solve problems on-site. We can also use this system from our main office to figure out what’s wrong with a conveyor. This makes it easy to make changes or improvements without sending a PLC software engineer to the site.

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