Gravimetric Batch Blenders – Reynold India

Reynold India Pvt. Ltd. makes gravimetric batch blenders that work well and easily control. The batch weighs blender can mix up to 6,000 pounds per hour, while the precision auger blender can mix between 100 and 3,000 pounds per hour. Reynold’s gravimetric batch blenders have several electrical upgrades, like remote connectivity and colour touch panels. Gravimetric blending systems from Reynold can accurately measure and mix materials for processes like injection, extrusion, and blow moulding.

The Reynold Series Blenders from Conair allow precise blending, better mixing, quick material swaps, and more sales. The steep-sided material compartments have vertical valves that let the resin flow smoothly and evenly into the weigh chamber. Mixing well ensures that all ingredients in a recipe will come together. The cabinet is completely sealed, so pellets don’t spill out, and you can work in a clean space. Some standard features that cut down on maintenance downtime are bins for storing materials that are easy to get to, a chassis door that opens on a hinge, and replaceable parts in the mixing chamber.


No more than 0.5% of any given substance can be made of additives and colourants. Even more, precision may be attained via additions by using the Precision AdditiveTM function. The microprocessor control will automatically adapt after each cycle to accommodate variations in resin dispensing, bulk density, and particle form variations.


The bright, full-colour, 7-inch LCD touchscreen makes it easy to change the settings on the blender. All of the values you have chosen will show up on the one screen that comes up. Because the blender’s interface is a touch screen, it’s easy to put in the right amounts of ingredients. The method makes sure that the ingredients are weighed out in the right order and that the mix is always made up of the same amount of each ingredient. You can make your app more flexible by putting any of the four types of content together in whatever way you want.


Before and after a change in colour or resin, all contact points with the material can be quickly and easily removed. So the area stays clean and safe. You can do this both before and after the change. In a hurry to complete a thorough cleaning, the liner for the mixing chamber, the weigh bin, the agitator, and the bins in the material compartment may all be taken out. A valve below the mixing chamber lets you stop the flow of materials into the blender. This part can be used instead of the automated flow control valve when working with remote and central mixing.

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