Gravimetric and Volumetric Feeders

No matter what you do for a living, the key to efficient and cost-effective procedures is accurate measurement and a constant mass flow of bulk solids or liquids. Reynold India Pvt. Ltd. offer a wide range of volumetric and gravimetric feeders. These include both general feeders that can be used in various settings and industries and feeders that were made to meet specific needs.

Our feeders are made to put exactly the right amount of ingredients into mixes, cereal into extruders, or coal into a burner.

High flexibility is combined with proven dependability.

There is no “one size fits all” solution for feeding applications. This is true whether you want precision feeding for Batching Plant Chillers or a cost-effective alternative for milling. Our feeders are built to last and are strong and reliable. They can also be changed to fit your needs. The volumetric and gravimetric feeders made by Reynold India Pvt. Ltd. have the tried-and-true quality of a well-established standard and the flexibility of a product made by many people working together.

Batching Plant Chillers
Batching Plant Chillers

Consistently reliable weighing

For materials like coal, whose bulk density changes often, we put our very accurate volumetric and gravimetric feeders through their paces with over 4000 different materials to make sure they can find and measure your material’s weight accurately. This ensures that you will always know exactly what is in any bulk material or liquid used in your operations.

Powerful enhancements and self-regulating tweaks

When you look at a manufacturing line, its productivity and profitability will only be as good as the parts that make it up. If you want to feed your animals in a cost-effective and effective way, one of our volumetric feeders is the best choice you can make. They take little time to put together or apart and work well with manufacturing processes already in place. On top of that, they are easy to clean and fix when needed.

Also, the feeding rates of our gravimetric feeders can be changed to meet different output requirements. This helps the operation as a whole be more productive and save money. Follow Me:

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