Know Everything about Air Cooled Screw Chillers with R134a Refrigerant 

Reynold India is a forerunner in creating and producing chillers for various applications. The current selection of R22-Air Cooled Screw Chillers is being expanded to include a fresh era of R134a Air-Cooled Screw Chillers.

With its reputation as India’s top chiller manufacturer, we have implemented novel applications to increase chiller efficiency. Undoubtedly, R134a refrigerant is a useful and often used gas in chillers.

Air Cooled Screw Chillers

The Chillers were created using the latest innovation, including an air-cooled condenser, an R134a screw compressor adjusted for performance, and a particularly successful chiller. The refrigerator is equipped with copper coils of the most current development, which are incredibly effective.

Electronic expansion valves and the advanced MCS Magnum Controller are also incorporated. The units have a very low input kW/TR and are tested in our state-of-the-art test lab to validate their performance. The finest things that you can compute about air cooled chiller with R134 coolant that it has various features that makes it compatible for many applications.

What are the features of Air-Cooled Screw Chillers with R134a Refrigerant? 

  • When operating at a partial load, liquid refrigerant is injected to cool the motor winding.
  • Energy recovery technology uses a fluid-to-fluid coolant thermostat. Coolant findings are applicable to ease congestion, which lowers power requirements and improves the Capacity factor.
  • Comparatively inexpensive to other refrigerants
  • Our chillers can cool down grease and oil. Their construction used a very effective baffle system made of coiled wire shells and extractors.
  • Low-noise, high-performance blowers
  • It may be used for various loading conditions and is effective in partial full load thanks to the stride capability regulation from 25percent to 100%.
  • Every turbine features the most recent 5 to 6 trademarked innovations, independent spiral, fundamental pressure rollers, an integrated oil divider, PTC rotor circuit control, emission thermal safeguards with a microprocessor, a fuel pressure valve, and an oil disparity pushbutton. It ensures the durability and dependability of the bearing surfaces even under demanding working circumstances.

Due to its continuously variable resource planning, this blower can handle various heavy-duty applications and is successful when operating at a lower load. Additionally, capacity regulation assists in regulating the beginning power and ensures efficient charging.

The chillers by Reynold India, an ISO 9001-accredited company. Due to their great effectiveness and efficient load management, Reynold India screw chillers are suitable for many heavy-duty applications, including commercial properties, resorts, clinics, shopping complexes, and movie theaters.

Many chilling and central air systems use R134a refrigerant. The original purpose of its creation was to replace R12 in car air conditioning. In refrigerators, it has replaced R12 and R500. Industrial and residential applications employ it to moderate temperatures.

Refrigerant R134a Is Appropriate For

  • Chilling in both low and high temperatures
  • Ac in home
  • Small-scale air conditioning
  • Automotive air-con and commercial uses, including spinning refrigerators.

Conclusion  Innovation in the chiller industry is evident, and R134a refrigerant is also a part of it. We must admit that using R134a refrigerant in an air-cooled screw chiller has made it more effective and performance-oriented Follow US

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