Benefits of Screw Chiller with Falling Film Technology

Unquestionably the biggest chiller manufacturer in India, Reynold India has been providing an extensive series of chillers, including water chillers, air chillers, water-cooled chillers etc., since 1995. It has been producing a multitude of rotary, screw, and scroll chillers. Using this knowledge, Reynolds India produces different water-cooled, flooded and screw chiller dimensions with falling film technology. In both complete and partial applications, it delivers much less energy usage. R134a, a refrigerant suitable for the climate, is used in the chillers.

Benefits of Screw Chiller with Falling Film Technology
India’s Largest Air Chiller For Multi-Layer Film Plant

Reynold India– screw chiller with falling film technology have outstanding efficiency beneath partial load and training and capacity management, which makes them suitable for a diversity of loading conditions such as businesses, resorts, institutions, markets, and movie theaters.

Attributes of Screw Chiller with Falling Film Technology

  • Vast Array of Compact Designs and Types
  • Falling Film Evaporator with High Efficiency
  • Ecologically Sound Refrigeration
  • For Accurate Capacity Regulation, Use An Electrical Expansion Valve.
  • Control System for A Modern Micro controller

Being ecologically conscious shouldn’t come at the expense of selecting a chiller’s effectiveness. You don’t need to because Reynold India’s high-grade falling film evaporation technology works. What you want to understand about the falling film evaporation technique and several benefits that are found in numerous chillers is given below:-

Industrial Screw Chillers

Enhanced Chiller Performance

A tube covered in a light coating of coolant evaporating relatively more rapidly than a cylinder encircled by refrigerant encircling an immersed pipe leads to a highly significant heat exchange volume. Chillers are much more powerful when the heat exchange coefficient is more effective.

Falling film exchangers decrease the cost of the coolant used in chillers.

Combining chemically complicated substitute Hydrochloride-Ole fins refrigerants is much more expensive to create hydro fluorocarbons. It is predicted that in just a few generations, they would still cost 4-6 times as much as HFC coolant costs are today. Furthermore, these prices are influenced by local supply issues and government fees. Lowering the quantity of coolant necessary in a device can produce significant economic savings when refrigerant costs go up.

Faster and Easier

We may decrease or even do away with the requirement for grease dividers in screw chillers by utilizing falling film technologies that lower costs and excessive noise. In addition to allowing for the removal of several linking components and possible seep spots, the compressor’s architecture has been streamlined. Additionally, chillers using composite screw chillers with falling film technology conveniently satisfy the standards for Environment and Enhanced Coolant Control because of the reduced refrigerant charging standards and productivity improvements.

Air-Cooled Screw Chillers
The Air-cooled Screw Chillers are suitable for working in extreme tropical weather conditions with maintaining energy and operational efficiency. The equipment is designed and manufactured in compliance with superior designing and manufacturing standards. The environment friendly chillers are easy to install and are tested on all the required international parameters to be at par with the best.

Reduced Refrigerant Needed

We can use less coolant than swamped evaporation architecture and still provide thinner chambers because of superior heat exchange properties. The coolant volume needed for a screw chiller with a falling film technology evaporator to accomplish the same cooling efficiency is at least 20% lower than with traditional, submerged evaporator coils. Falling film cooling systems do not require the whole container supplied with coolant to soak all the pipes, unlike flooding designs. A light coating of coolant coats the bottom of the lines instead.

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