Water Cooled Screw Chillers With Variable Frequency Drives

Reynold India Pvt Ltd. has been delivering knowledgeable and effective cooling solutions to the country’s residents. It has been making a wide range of scroll, screw, and centrifugal chillers for a while. Reynold India draws on this experience to provide a wide variety of water-cooled variable frequency drive (VFD) screw chillers that have very reduced power consumption even when operating at part loads. R134a is a refrigerant that is safe for the environment -+ and is installed in chillers.

The variable frequency drives (VFDs) in the flooded screw chillers manufactured by Reynold India Pvt Ltd enable for the chillers to operate at varying speeds in response to changing loads, resulting in high efficiency even at partial loads. Because of this, these chillers are great for a wide range of uses, such as in offices, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, and movie theatres. These chillers are made in Reynold India Pvt. Ltd.’s factory, which has ISO 9001 certification for quality control and AHRI certification for the chiller test bench.

Reynold India Pvt. Ltd.’s newest VFD-driven Screw Chillers have constantly changed compressor frequencies and variable comparison ratios to match the chiller load, ensure exact capacity management and save as much power as possible.

The newest VFD Screw Chillers from Reynold India Pvt. Ltd. are the most energy-efficient chillers ever made. Because of changes in the outside temperature and the need inside, these chillers run at a lower capacity for most of the year. A maximum COP of 5.8 is reached at a consumption rate as low as 0.349 IPLV. This huge improvement in how well chillers use energy is meant to set a new standard for the rest of their lives. For More Information About:- Follow Me

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