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Air-cooled chillers are cooling systems that cool fluids and work with the air handler system in a building. Air Cooling use fans instead of cooling towers to expel heat from the building.

Air cooled chillers - Reynold India
Air Cooled Chillers

Water-cooled chillers have a compressor, an evaporator, a condenser, and an expansion valve as their main parts. They are versatile workhorses that can provide cooling power for big and small enterprises. Large buildings like shopping malls, factories, hotels, and hospitals use these chillers to keep the air cool. They are frequently used in settings with several structures that need cooling, like amusement parks and outdoor shopping malls.

Being a foremost Air-cooled Manufacturer in India, our goal is to meet your specific cooling needs, and our air-cooled in India uses advanced technology that includes:-
Robust and Holistic turndown
Compressor with VVR technology
Rapid loading capacity
Highly efficient and energy saver
Build with Advanced Mechanism
Incorporated water-edge regulator

Water Cooled Chillers
Water Cooled Chillers

Because they are small, air-cooled chillers are easy to move, cheap to maintain, and simple to set up. Portable air-chillers may be used for big gatherings and emergencies. cooled chillers are often less complex than water-cooled chillers. The majority of air-cooled chillers use either screw or scroll compressors.

Best Air-Cooled Chillers Function

Removing heat from processed water Chillers is the driving force behind the operation of chillers that are cooled by air instead of water. When the air handler system uses the water, it gets heated and then returned to the chiller for reuse. The heat in the water in the system is taken away by the evaporator in the chiller. The evaporation of the liquid refrigerant over the evaporator tube results in gas production with low pressure. After that, the evaporated refrigerant goes to the compressor to be compressed further. At the compressor, gas with a lower pressure is increased to a higher pressure by being compressed. Follow Me:

Water Chillers
Water Chillers

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