What is chiller temperature?

The temperature of the chilled water (exiting the chiller) typically ranges from 1 to 7 °C (34 to 45 °F), depending on application requirements. Typically, chillers receive water at 12 °C (entry temperature), and cool it to 7 °C (exit temperature).

The term “chiller temperature” typically refers to the temperature at which a chiller system operates. A chiller is a device that removes heat from a liquid, usually water, and transfers that heat to the environment. Chillers are commonly used in air conditioning systems and industrial processes to cool buildings, equipment, or other substances.

Chillers work by circulating a refrigerant or coolant through a closed loop system. The temperature at which the chiller operates depends on the specific requirements of the application. In air conditioning, for example, chillers often operate within a range of temperatures to maintain a comfortable indoor climate. Industrial processes may have different temperature requirements based on the specific needs of the manufacturing or production process.

Chiller temperatures are typically specified in terms of the setpoint or desired temperature range for the cooling process. It’s important to note that chillers can be designed to operate at various temperature ranges depending on the application, and the specific temperature settings will vary accordingly. Follow Us

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