Heat Transfer Auxiliary Equipment

Heat Transfer Auxiliary Equipment are technical specifications that the heat exchanger must meet for it to perform the required heat exchange and function as intended in the larger system. Specifically, it has to allow for thermal expansion, for the cleaning of fouling deposits, and accommodate phase transitions in certain applications while providing the right area for the desired heat exchange while maintaining a suitable pressure drop.

Auxiliary Equipment
Auxiliary Equipment

It’s important to remember that heat exchange’s seldom run at the ideal circumstances assumed during design. When cleaning is necessary, a heat exchanger may be overdesigned at first and then under designed after a certain degree of fouling. Heat exchanger performance might have an impact on subsequent operations.

Reynold India Pvt Ltd. makes Auxiliary Equipment and Process Cooling and Heating Equipment.

Protect your fluid and equipment by choosing one or more options below. This will help your fluid pump systems last as long as possible.

Modules for Externally Added Cooling (CLBS)

Using the CLBS Pre-Engineered Bolt-On Cooling Module, cooling may be easily added to a process in a short amount of time. These modules are intended to be readily integrated with HEAT’s Pre-Engineered Hot Oil Systems, namely the NFP and HOS models.

Fill & Drain Systems

Safe, dependable performance is what you get with a Custom Fill & Drain System, an industrial-quality, tailor-made fluid management skid system. These systems, often positioned at the process’s lowest point, make it simple to drain and replenish massive quantities of thermal fluid without the need for complex logistical coordination and come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate a wide variety of systems and processes. During start-up, shutdown, or maintenance, these tailor-made Fill & Drain Systems save money by efficiently managing fluids.

Flow distribution systems

Safe, dependable performance is available in an industrial-strength, tailor-made flow management skid package from a company that specializes in creating such systems for its customers. Inadequate fluid flow in poorly designed fluid distribution manifolds may reduce the efficiency of a heat transfer system or process.

Inert gas blanketing systems

Self-regulated inert gas blanketing systems are an excellent option when a thermal fluid is operated at excessive temperatures or when an expansion tank is not located at the highest point in the overall piping system. These systems blanket the piping system in an inert gas that is self-regulated. Follow US

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