Conveying Equipment for Plastics Processing

Conveying Equipment for Plastics Processing are below:

Plastic Drying Rack with Hopper

Depending on the injection molding quantity, Reynold India Pvt Ltd. provides Plastic Hopper Dryers ranging in capacity from 26.5 to 11,450 pounds. The Plastic Hopper Dryer is made of insulated, double-walled stainless steel at all points of material contact and has an aluminium shell for durability and longevity.

A Hopper Loader

Hooper Loaders are often found near various types of molding and extruding machinery. They’re set up right on top of the drying hopper.

Hopper Loader

Volume Dosing Device

Using volumetric dosing units, you can automatically mix in the right amounts of new materials, recycled materials, master batch, or additives.

Volume Dosing Device

Water Cooler for Injection Molding Equipment

By keeping moulds at an optimal temperature, production times may be cut using Water Chillers. The cooling capacity can be increased by adding more modules or choosing the right ones to connect to the current system.

Plastic Granulator, Screen-Free

The Screen less Granulation process materials at very low speeds to create uniform granules. During this cutting operation, very little dust is generated. There is a lot of safety gear to make sure nobody gets hurt. The capability to operate in reverse automatically guarantees continuous performance.

Automatic Injection Molding Equipment with Robotic Arm

Robotic arms can take finished products out of an injection mounding machine and send them to the next step. The standard or telescopic arms can be used to sync up the plate mold and the hot runner system. Reynold India Pvt Ltd. offers a comprehensive catalogue of vertical and horizontal robotic arms for automated plastic injection mounding machines, each with a unique range of strokes and payloads (from 50 to 3600 tons). Three-axis and five-axis Side Entry IML Robots are the most common types of robotic arms. Automated limbs

The Hot Runner Control Unit

The injection moulding system with the Hot Runner Temperature Controller is state-of-the-art. A Temp-controller controls the temperature of an injection moulding machine’s nozzle and manifold block. This keeps the plastic molten from the nozzle to the gate bush.

Self-Contained Vacuum Loaders are following:

Value-added features for the access al series loader, available at no additional cost

The innovative design of the Loader’s tilted canister means that employees no longer have to climb as high or work hard to clean the stainless-steel canister or fix the drop-in filter.


The first ever loader powered by a Vacuum Motor

DustBeaterTM vacuum material loaders provide versatility to fulfil the varied needs of delivering pelletized and regrind materials to a hopper, bin, or processing plant. These loaders may be used to carry pelletized and regrind materials.

TLA Model tube loader

The TLA Tube Loader is a small piece of equipment that makes it easy to provide trouble-free vacuum loading wherever needed. It uses compressed air to move plastic pellets quietly.

TLM Model Tube Loader is a small, cost-effective, and hassle-free loading machine.

The compact TLM Model Tube Loader has a material loading performance that is equivalent to that of many larger units, despite its small size, and a vacuum loading performance that is equal to that of much larger units. Follow Me

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