Who makes the best water-cooled chillers in India

Reynold India provides the nation’s most extensive selection of water-cooled products. Each product category offers an extensive selection of models to guarantee that the air conditioning system design is executed without compromise. All items have been created on a platform that prioritizes energy conservation and Who makes the best water-cooled chillers in India provides various innovative features. 

Solutions tailored to your cooling requirements. With over years of expertise, we are convinced that our cooling systems offer companies the most advanced climate management technology to produce and maintain the ideal interior temperature. In the case of our chiller systems, satisfying the changing needs of our customers necessitates ongoing innovation, resulting in a range of modern and efficient systems. Our chillers are intended to adapt to your demands and the environment they occupy, regardless of whether they are air-cooled chillers or water-cooled chillers. We cater to all sorts of projects and provide a vast array of options so that you may choose the appropriate system.

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Wide Variety of Items Available 

Medium- to large-scale facilities may choose the most appropriate model from a comprehensive catalogue of Who makes the best water-cooled chillers in India available products.


Reynold India’s array includes a wide variety of capacities to meet the cooling needs of every environment.

Superior Longevity

The compressor, the nerve centre of a centrifugal chiller, uses cutting-edge magnetic bearing technology. Reynold India’s long-lasting quality helps you save money on repairs.

Supersized Capacity

Our big-capacity chillers, which can handle up to 6,000 tons of heat per unit, are an ideal heat source for municipal cooling and heating networks.

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