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Extrusion Control for Plastics Processing 

Resin or other raw thermoplastic material is fed into the barrel of an extruder by gravity from a hopper on top. The resin delivered to the hopper might have liquid colorants, UV inhibitors, or...

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What is an auxiliary equipment?

Pumps, filters, condensers, evaporators, heat exchanges, accumulators, control panels, and more are some ancillary items that may be purchased from Reynold India Pvt. Ltd. for use with industrial chillers and towers. Reynold India Pvt....

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VFD Hot Dryers for Plastics Processing

For regeneration, the desiccant is heated to a certain temperature, releasing the moisture it absorbed while drying the resin Dryers. Regeneration utilizes around 35% of the total power used. Keeping the desiccant’s power consumption...