Self-Contained Vacuum Loaders

Reynold can provide you with dependable and high-quality plastic processing equipment, including hopper loaders for plastics and other plastic processing machinery. We don’t just give you hopper loaders because we want to make sure you have the right equipment for your business.

Self-contained (vacuum) hopper loaders manufactured by Reynold come with controls that are simple to use and completely programmable functionality. With the handheld control that can be removed, the user can control the device more easily from a distance. This vacuum hopper loader is made of brushed stainless steel, and the engine noise is kept down by a soundproof lid that hinges on top.

A stop in production and potential financial loss are possible outcomes in the absence of reliable, high-quality machinery. To our great relief, such is not the case with the items we sell here at Reynold. Please find out more about how our hopper loaders can fulfil your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Hopper Loader System That Is Independently Contained Features

If you want your company to be competitive, having first-rate, top-of-the-line equipment is very necessary, and anything less than that may significantly impact your bottom line. Our self-contained hopper loaders are designed to help your operations run better. Our vacuum loaders are built to your requirements throughout the manufacturing process. As a result, they have various features that make them user- and facility-friendly. A soundproof enclosure surrounds them, and their filters are cleaned automatically.

They are able to reduce the amount of dust and contaminants in the air with our vacuum hopper loader systems, which results in a working environment that is both healthier and cleaner. These systems are more energy efficient and save you money due to the reduced material prices.

Reynold’s support staff is dedicated to ensuring that our systems live up to your highest standards of excellence in every way. Our staff will service your unit if any further help is required. In addition, we have a wide assortment of replacement components in stock, all of which may be sent the same day an order is placed. Follow us on: Social Media

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