Buy Industrial Chillers in Guwahati

The advanced manufacturing sectors requires chillers and refrigeration systems to cool down the premise. Chillers are generally capable of regulating thermal temperature and provide coolness to the machinery. Reynold India is a trusted company that manufactures industrial chillers in Guwahati and across India. We provide specific design and turnkey chiller manufacturing as per industry’s parameters.

Industrial chiller has varied application in diverse industry such as food and beverages, fish and meat industry, medical and pharmaceutical sector, plastic manufacturing and so on. These industries buy industrial chillers in Guwahati or any other parts of India from Reynold India.  We are among the most reliable service providers for big scale industrial and tiny-compact chillers in India and across the world.

Features of our Industrial Chillers 

  • Sealant and rotary turbines are used in the construction of industrial chillers.
  • These come with several scrolling blowers built into a single unit.
  • These are made of specific metals, such as iron, and are used in super-reduced heat resistance.
  • Independent and isolated cooling connections are included.
  • We have a well-trained staff of specialists that perform in good accordance and enthusiasm
  • Our crew provide a high-quality selection of cooling systems and peripherals.
  • We endeavour to include an elevated choice of items to our clients by using contemporary production methods and modern applications.
  • Compact layout with efficient temperature regulation.
  • Chillers are manufactured and tailored as per specific industry’s standards

We have done many experiments during our growth as a chiller manufacturing company and covered almost 60+ countries in the world.

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