Excellent Quality Industrial Chillers in Chennai

An industrial chiller is a mechanism that is precisely aimed to minimize the heat of big equipment and machinery in manufacturing systems. Those are all employed in a multitude of conditions. Multiple kinds of cooling systems in the industry and selecting the correct one based on your sector’s demands are necessary. However, picking the ideal chiller according to the industry is a challenging chore. Hence, when you looking to buy industrial chillers in Chennai always consider Reynold India for the finest quality products.

Reynold India’s chillers can eliminate the heat of the different plants and machinery. In an industrial unit and machinery plant, heat generation is natural. This heat generation requires chilling for smooth operation. Chiller’s function is sometimes compared to the air conditioner, but the difference is that chillers applications are usually in big industrial spaces and it also comes with a water chiller variant. On the contrary, air conditioners use air for cooling and it has limited cooling capacity.

Features of Industrial Chillers in Chennai by Key vendors

  • Mix quality of chilling and heating in one machine
  • Compact design with a non-rusting body
  • It has a capacity of 2  to 40 tonnages cooling
  • Standardized as per modern electrical safety
  • Heating efficiency up to 100 KW
  • Pumping efficiency
  • The temperature varies from 5 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 to 315 degrees Celsius).

Thermal management devices and chillers are ideal for projects that involve both heating and cooling, inter control, or a diverse variety of degrees, situations wherein rivers and streams are inaccessible, and laboratory and pilot projects.

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