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PP PIPE Chiller

The cooling procedure is extremely effective when you utilize a highly preferred and appropriate HDPE Pipe Chiller and select the finest one. The Reynold India offers outstanding chiller for HDPE, PP, CPVC, and UPVC pipes. The features in these pipe chillers are extraordinary that enhance productivity.

Excellent PP Pipe Chillers are available with a wide range of options

These PP Pipe Chiller are accessible in multiple series, models, designs, strengths, and sizes. Companies and individuals can easily get appropriate pipe chillers on our premises. They have a fabulous temperature regulation system that allows you to preserve your products at a particular temperature for idyllic outcomes. The chiller for HDPE, CPVC, UPVC, and PP pipes are exceptional in nurturing environmentally friendly overture because of their low electricity usage. With tremendous flow rates, these chillers' UPVC pipe chiller assure the most satisfactory results and productivity.

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How To Maintain Pipe Chiller

As a prominent HDPE pipe manufacturer in India, Reynold India has the aptitude to deliver high-efficiency chiller piping. You will be amazed to know that CPVC Pipe Chiller maintenance is too simple and hassle-less. Let’s know-how:

PP Pipe Chiller
170 kW to 2110 kW, +30oC to +5oC

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Here are the significant features of our Pipe chillers

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