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Hopper dryer TD Series

Low volume dryer at Amboss+ Langbein & Reynold India

The hopper-type dehumidifying dryer can be used for drying small volumes directly on the production machines.

Purpose of using Hopper Dryer

Hopper Dryer is one of the most vital components used in the moulding machines for pet injection so that they can be used for a wide variety of purposes. These are also sometimes referred to as hot air dryers in nature, and can therefore be used extensively for extracting moisture from various surfaces. This operation is completed before the melting process is carried out. It is essential to properly use the dryers because failure to use them can fail to properly absorb the moisture from which the overall finished product may be defective. Appropriate Dryer Achievement: In general, the Hopper Dryer is used for adequate drying and is not very difficult to use. Just the water molecules are accumulated right on the surface in the case of this dryer, and these are not made to penetrate the pellet. As a consequence, where the pellets are put right on the hopper, and fast-drying is done at the earliest, it helps to achieve rapid drying. With the aid of humidity, this equipment can also become significant. Therefore, when humidity levels are always insufficient, the system will give better performance. Hopper dryers are also known as regular dryers for hot air. The hopper dryer blows a fixed temperature air into the drying hopper via the blower fan during plastic material processing. The original moisture content in the hopper is removed when plastic materials are heated. After passing through an electric heating element, the warm air forced by the blower becomes a warm temperature (user-defined). The hot air was legally distributed to the plastic materials in the hopper via the conical-shaped screen protector. Most of these Hopper dryers are ideal for all kinds of sectors of plastic production. In raw material manufacturing, via the drying fan, the hopper dryer blows a steady high-temperature wind into the drying drum. The moisture of the raw materials in the barrel is removed after the raw materials are baked to accomplish the goal of eliminating moisture found in the raw materials. After being heated by electric heating, the windblown by the blower becomes a high-temperature dry, hot air. The hot wind energy is evenly distributed in the raw material of the dry barrel air drying drum through the screen protector and the perforated screen. The blow out of the wind just after the return air philtre into the drying fan to form a closed-loop circuit, saving energy, is an optional hot air recovery system. In the injection moulding machine, the Hopper Dryer is also one of the most critical components. Before talking about a hopper dryer before the injection process, we first need to know the importance of plastic drying. The explanation is that the plastic contains moisture; the consistency of the finishing product is compromised if it is not dried. For drying plastic resins, the Hopper dryer offers an easy and economical solution. For fast drying and space-saving, it is directly fixed to the injection moulding machine.

Hopper dryer TD Series

Hopper dryer TD L



Hopper dryer TD A

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